New Release: Dunums "Where's My Eidi?"

Radio Khiyaban is hugely honored to be able to present Palestinian-American avant-rock ensemble Dunum's second album "Where's My Eidi?" in its very first physical incarnation.



Dunums is a music, multi-media, and collaborative performance project led by Sijal Nasralla since 2009. In Arabic, "dunum" (dūnam) is an arbitrary unit of land measurement, approximately 1 Hectare, used differently to quantify space among villages throughout Palestine. A dunum can be the shrinking or exploding of space, a personal testament to the tremendous land loss and/or the emotional/material transformation brought by settler colonialism.

Based in North Carolina, USA, shifting players and contributors to Dunums have recorded, performed, and created in direct response to events commonly known as "summer in Gaza" or "revolution in Syria." The band envisions its work and creativity as inextricable from its members' rooted histories in Palestine as well as their assimilation into the American south.

"Where's My Eidi?" is Dunum's second full-length release, as well as their first recording as an expanded collective. Here the group's many aspects fuse into a brilliant whole: traditional Arab oud meditations, iconoclastic poetry and spoken word incantations, and searing electric experiments drawing from an international history of underground music from Karkhana back to The Minutemen. Buried within all of these diverse morsels of past influences however, it is the unique diasporic identity of Dunums itself that shines brightest here - truly a case of "the sum being greater than the parts."

Radio Khiyaban is hugely honored to be able to present "Where's My Eidi?" in its very first physical incarnation. We consider Dunums to be one of the finest young bands around, and are quite indebted to our good mutual friend Tashi Dorji, who originally hipped us to the collective's music. Be sure to also check out "It's In Your Ribs" - their recent split album with Casual Planes on Feeding Tube Records.

Huda Asfour: Oud
Tristan Brooks: Guitar
Ala Jitan: Bass
Ahmad Jitan: Voice
Sijal Nasralla: Percussion, Guitar, Synthesizer
Alston Palmer: Percussion, Synthesizer

Additional performers on this record include:

Adé Oni: Voice, Clarinet
Nick Prather: Synthesizer

Recorded and produced by David Barrett
Album Artwork by Hiva Kadivar
Design by Sijal Nasralla
Formatting and tape layout by N.R. Safi

Cassette limited to 100 copies.